RELEASE YOUR PAST - CHANGE YOUR FUTURE. Most of us would change an action or words we have done or said. Some actions became habits, such as smoking. Bruce Lipton in Biology of Belief (2007) found that cells remember emotionally and mentally charged lessons from events either experienced mentally or physically. By going to that point in timespace and discharging, reframing or reinterpreting the event, the mental and emotional impact changes. Thus the mental, emotion and often physical changes happen in the present and are carried forward into future time.

HE WHO DOES NOT KNOW HIS HISTORY IS BOUND TO REPEAT IT. This is paraphrasing Gen. Patton's quote of an ancient philosopher. In school we learn the lessons of the past history of our country and the world so we do not have to make the same mistakes, again. So it is with individuals. The movie Ground Hog Day is a good illustration. Barbara has found with clients, when clients remember their past and after seeing the results of former decisions, they are able to make different decisions and thus are released from their former cycles, past mistakes. At that point, they are able to release their past, forgive themselves and others and accept new patterns of being.

EVERY EXPERIENCE HAS A PURPOSE. Our unwanted behaviors at one time were beneficial, if only for one time. When we get in a similar situation, what was helpful in the past is often automatically done, even if the results are not desired. By consciously and unconsciously leaving that behavior where it was in its own space and time, we have a choice in what we do in the present.

CONTROL -- Everyone is in control of their present. Our present is a reflection of our choices of our past. For example, out decision to be a smoke made us 'cool' and gave us a quick means to relax. It also gave us a shorter life span. This means a greater chance for cancer and other illnesses resulting in faster aging and a shorter life. When those choices are remade, the future is changed, resulting in better health, greater energy and more choices. Any decision to be healthy results not only in certain type of eating habits, but also in physical conditioning with often leads to delayed aging and a longer life.

CHOICE -- We all have constant choices. Some choices are mandated by a law. Those are few. Most of the time we act out of habit (coffee, black, of course), ease (we wear what is clean, in fashion - what others wear, and what is in our closet). Not all choices are easy. All choices are not permanent. Some choices are between a rock and a hard spot. The power is in making the choice. By projecting into the future, a possible outcome of a choice can be seen. If the outcome is not welcome, then another choice can be made.

DETERMINISM -- It appears we come into this life with a purpose, an assignment. Sometimes it is just 'to be.' We have a choice of how to achieve it or even not to achieve it. Due to our life experiences, we are more prone to do it one way or another. Sometimes this purpose is not revealed until the task in complete or almost complete.

FORGIVENESS -- Forgiveness is the key to growth. Forgiveness is not just about words. In regressions, the client often will 'see' the intent of the situation, sometimes from all viewpoints. With the additional information, the client gains understanding of the event. People do what they think is the best thing for them to do at that particular time. Hindsight is effective. The website: Radical Forgiveness presents a way of doing it yourself.

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