Confessions of a Regressionist

Confessions of a Regressionist: Is There a Life or Time Other than the Present?

Confessions of a Regressionist
discusses the controversy of a single life and many lifetimes in light of quantum theories of time. Along the way Pomar explains what regressionists do and how regression works.

Chapters 1& 2: The beginning of my search. The co-histories of Meditation and Hypnosis
Chapter 3:  How memory works
Chapter 4 & 5: History of Regression and how regression is used as a therapy
Chapter 6: What many say happens between death and life
Chapter 7 & 8:  The history of the concept of time to the recent quantum theories of time
Chapter 9 & 10: The research on hypnosis, regression and time are combined and questions are answered
Chapter 11: Regression for a Better World
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